About Us


Asia Music Vision, in the heart of Bollywood is one of the music industry’s top recoding studio known for its world-class blend of state of the art and vintage equipment. In today’s music business, specialisation seems to be the name of the game. “We know how to record your genre of music.” We don’t chase what’s hot and try to replicate it. We don’t focus solely on a single genre of music. We specialise in sound – more specifically, your sound. We take a pro-active, collaborative approach to help you find it, hone it, and perfect it. We do this with a deep, in-house roster of award-winning musical and engineering talent surrounded by world-class facilities. With a focus in audio production, our studio has grown a rich musical history with a reputation for technical innovation and world class customer service.
Asia Music Vision is a totally different experience.

The studio house is a mix of some of the finest analogue and digital technology, both modern and vintage in design. Our custom designed room enable high-fidelity recordings across the board.
We specialise in recording, mixing, editing, vocal tuning, mastering and re-amping services. We can cater for every aspect of your audio project from pre-production to mastering, composition & sound design to voice-overs. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your specific requirements.